Sunday, April 25, 2010


It is amazing the things you can come up with when you should be doing something else... like studying. Today I have found over 30 new recipes that I really think I need to make and have copied them into a word document. I also took a nice long nap. Following my very necessary blog post, I will probably call an old friend to "catch up". At that point, I may be hungry and feel the need to make some dinner. I may try and get some studying in today, but the odds are not really in my favor. I know this week ahead of me is full of stress, no sleep, lots of studying, frustration, anxiety, and a little more anxiety, only to be followed by another week of pretty much the same thing except I will have two small victories throughout the week, when I complete two of my finals. Now I just need to get started!

Saturday, April 3, 2010


My sister-in-law Amy loves cupcakes! When the craze hit Seattle, she was all over it. I didn't quite understand it until Sweet Tooth Fairy came to Provo and had those amazing cake bites. Well, I figured when I moved to New York I would be eating cupcakes all of the time, but after trying Magnolia's cupcakes I was a little disappointed. (Although their banana pudding made up for it in a huge way!) I had heard of Crumbs and knew that I needed to try a cupcake form there and had even sampled one at my friend Melissa's house, and it was enough to get to be go to the Crumbs location myself. It only took me almost 8 months of living here to finally go to one, but I did tonight. All I can say is that I am lucky that I waited 8 months because I may have gained 20 pounds had I known about it sooner!! I ordered the classic butterfingers cupcake. Classic, meaning it was smaller than the giant ones. It had this butter cream frosting with butterfingers crumbs in the frosting as well as the cream and crumbs inside the cupcake itself, in a vanilla flavored cupcake. So good! Nate got a Reese's peanut butter one and it was pretty good, but I think mine was better... I think I may need to send some to Amy, she would love them, and it would give me an excuse to go back and try a different kind as well.

An Afternoon in the Park

The weather was nice, so we decided to all just hang out in the park for a little bit. The grass doesn't look very green and it actually was a little bit chilly by the time we made it outside, but it was still nice to just sit outside in the fresh air and relax. Well, I had to do a little bit of homework, but I still got to relax. I can't wait for the summer time, when school is out and the weather is really nice!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Little Owl

So my good friend Clinton always has great insights to little eateries around the city. I can always trust his recommendations. Today he called me for a last minute lunch and since the sun was shining I knew I could not turn it down. I needed a break from studying anyway.
The place we went was in the Greenwich Village on 90 Bedford called the Little Owl. It just so happens that the restaurant is the first floor of the building used in "Friends" for Monica's apartment. This was just a little icing on the cake. The restaurant was great! It is situated on this quiet corner with lots of windows, which was perfect on this beautiful day! The restaurant itself is pretty small, but I liked it that way. It felt cozy and definitely more personal. I ordered the grilled chicken breast and it came with asparagus home fries. The chicken was so flavorful. Every bite was perfectly grilled with just the right amount of sauce and spices. I also loved the portion size. I hate leaving a meal feeling full and uncomfortable. They gave you the perfect amount of food. It also was pretty well priced. My friend Clinton got the cod, which he was impressed with as well. I guess they are known for their bacon cheeseburgers or the gravy meatball sliders. If I had seen the cheeseburgers before I ordered I would have got one of those, they looked amazing!! I was still definitely happy with what I got, and now I have a reason to come back!!
Not only was the food great, but the service was great too. We had a cute server, who was super friendly. The food came out very fast and everyone was very attentive to the needs of all the customers. The check came in a book full of comments from previous customers. I thought this was such a great idea. I wish I had read some of them, or made one of my own, but I will next time for sure

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Move to the Big City!

So I decided to get a blog so my parents can see what I great time I am having in my new home! So far I love every bit of the city, except for being a bit lonely. My apartment is great! I love the location, right next to the park and Columbus circle is just down the way. I haven't had too much time to explore my neighborhood, but the the little bit of exploring that I have done has been the best. New york is so different from anywhere I have ever lived so everyday I learn something new
A few things I have learned so far...
1. Don't take a full ambien for a four hour flight if you have never taken one before.
there were some noisy ladies behind me on the plane so instead of taking a half I took the whole thing and I really don't know how I made it to my apartment in one piece. I do recall giving my number to some gys that were on my flight, luckily I didn't give them my address... "Taken"
2.There are "uptown trians" and "downtown trains". Get on the wrong one and you will go in the opposite direction of where you want to go.
3. Don't sit on any old curb, they are not all there to sit down and take a little rest
4. Don't use the elevators at the subway station, they smell really bad, and if you have to, hold your breath before walking and in a pray that it is a short ride.
5. In the summertime (hopefully only in the summertime) The subways are like saunas! I feel like I should take a shower after being down there.
6. Last but not least, in law school don't raise your hand and offer information you know unless you are prepared to answer a followup question, whatever that may be.