Sunday, August 23, 2009

Move to the Big City!

So I decided to get a blog so my parents can see what I great time I am having in my new home! So far I love every bit of the city, except for being a bit lonely. My apartment is great! I love the location, right next to the park and Columbus circle is just down the way. I haven't had too much time to explore my neighborhood, but the the little bit of exploring that I have done has been the best. New york is so different from anywhere I have ever lived so everyday I learn something new
A few things I have learned so far...
1. Don't take a full ambien for a four hour flight if you have never taken one before.
there were some noisy ladies behind me on the plane so instead of taking a half I took the whole thing and I really don't know how I made it to my apartment in one piece. I do recall giving my number to some gys that were on my flight, luckily I didn't give them my address... "Taken"
2.There are "uptown trians" and "downtown trains". Get on the wrong one and you will go in the opposite direction of where you want to go.
3. Don't sit on any old curb, they are not all there to sit down and take a little rest
4. Don't use the elevators at the subway station, they smell really bad, and if you have to, hold your breath before walking and in a pray that it is a short ride.
5. In the summertime (hopefully only in the summertime) The subways are like saunas! I feel like I should take a shower after being down there.
6. Last but not least, in law school don't raise your hand and offer information you know unless you are prepared to answer a followup question, whatever that may be.